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The 10 Most Important Technologies Which Will Give Small Retail Business a Boost

  Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Control Software
A good POS System helps to track sales easily compare with cash register. It can

vta-international.com Dramatically improve customer service.
vta-international.com Simplify and improve inventory management.
vta-international.com Improve the effectiveness of marketing efforts.
vta-international.com Easily trace the products which are losing money and increase profit.
vta-international.com Save time by automating book keeping and countless other retail tasks.

  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Build relationship with customers is very important to retail business. CRM software is a critical tool for the retail business. CRM not only improve customer loyalty, it also help on potential prospects and generate new business. CRM software allows to track customers, identify market segments and easily to contact with them for future promotion via email, telephone, direct mail & etc. CRM software can be purchased as a stand alone product or consider its own module in POS software.

  Bar Code Scanning
Bar code scanning allows to check products at the POS with faster and more accurately rather than using keyboard to search the items.

  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
EDI technology allows to send purchase orders (created by POS software) to supplier electronically via phone line or internet. It saves time and reduce error on ordered the wrong item or process entire order without entering a single product number.

  Retail Accounting Software
Nowadays retailers are doing their accounting in-house because they can quickly produce up-to-date financial statement and analyse how their business is doing at almost any time. Accounting software can be purchase stand alone or integrated with POS software.

  Visitor Traffic Analyzer
VTA helps to improve sales conversion ratios, increase store traffic and improve advertising. By electrocally counting traffic at entrance, we will able to derive the solid information needed to manage the store more efficiently. VTA will be useful for improved staff management, promotional / weather impact assessment, high and low traffic period identification.

  Graphic Design Software
Most small retail business tend to save cost on marketing promotion. With computer & graphic program today, it can save thousand of dollars by creating simple flyers, brochures, and ads which can meet the requirement of retail owner. Popular program include Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, COrel Draw and Microsoft Publisher.

  Websites & Shopping Carts
Websites is a powerful tools to promote retail business. This is an opportunity way to tell the customer about product's details and company structure. It also made convince to people access the websites get the information of certain product without enter to the store.

  Payroll Software
It can allows to do payroll in-house and save time. The software calculates the deductions of payroll accurately.

  Portable Data Terminals (PDT) and Hand Held Computers
Portable data terminals are tools which can count inventory and easily update with POS system. It can carry around and scan merchandise & update on-hand quantities.