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                VTA Corporation -- Home of the People Counting Intelligenceآ

VTA Corporation (VTA: Visitor Traffic Analyzer) a global leader, Pioneered-leading company in inventing innovative, intelligent People Counting Technology, We use our long-term research expertise in R & D electronics, also the intelligent, actionable Analytical Reporting Software (VTA RIMS - Retail Indicator Monitoring System) that puts up benchmarks in the field of Footfall counting technology.

We are committed to inventing and marketing the people counting tools through our versatile combination of cutting-edge technology as well as sophisticated software analytical tools. VTA Corporation offers a full range of people counting system solutions, online reporting software, consulting and support services, in order to provide our customers with the business intelligence tool helps to leverage key metrics to
improve site performance and profitability.

Our team has worked with the largest retailers and thousands of progressive retailers/malls operators, public facilities, and public transport providers around the world for their people counting needs. At present, we have established thousands of our customers around the globe.

Contact VTA today, at info@vta.com.my. or tel : +603-9543 9896 and let our team show you how our People Counting solution will solve a myriad of your analytical needs. Tell us your requirements, and we will offer you a professionals, no-obligation strategy.

More than 10 years of experience, millions of visitor traffic counts globally